of the Resurrection

« Resurrexit sicut dixit / He is risen, as He promised.»

Dating from the end of the Eleventh Century. Restored in 2019. Below we see the legs of soldiers (inscribed MILITES CUSTOS), who have been ordered to guard the tomb of Christ. Above, the Holy Women (MULERIS) are welcomed by an angel who shows them the empty tomb. In the upper registers, two prophets prostrate themselves in adoration before Christ in majesty, with the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist on either side of Him. On the vault, a medallion surrounded with adoring angels has on it Christ, represented as the Lamb of God, immolated and victorious.

The Resurrection of Jesus proclaims the victory of life over death.The empty tomb witnesses to this, and invites us to believe it. The words of the angel and the witness of the women announce the Good News (Gospel, that is Godspell in Old English, and Evangelion in Greek, meaning «Good News») that Life is definitely stronger than Death. This is the most beautiful hope that the Church offers.

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