and the Primitive Basilica

« On this rock I will build my church.» Gospel of St. Matthew 25:23

The wall of the primitive church (4th to 5th centuries) can be traced in the apse, the eastern end of the baslica. The basilica was constructed with the support of the exterior wall of this early church. The level of the primitive crypt which originally contained the body of St Saturninus can be reached. The present crypts are gothic, the result of 13th century modifications when the tomb of Saturninus was raised and placed on the tribune where it is now to be seen.
In these crypts one can see other relics, as well as a part of the treasure of Saint-Sernin, in the glassed-in partitions.

Saint Peter confessed his belief in Christ until he died, a martyr. Saint Saturninus also gave witness as a martyr for his belief in Christ. The tomb of the saint in the crypt expressed the power of this witness. It is the foundation stone of the Church of Toulouse.

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